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Revies for: Secret Circle, Revenge, New Girl, Harry's Law

Lets start with Revenge shall we:


Revenge is abc new show and it is awesome that is the only word I can use to describe it. It is about this girl who wants to get revenge for her father and it is amazing you guys have to check it out,  also you will probably be seeing some of it on your dashboards because Im now shipping Jack and Emily/Amanda.

New Girl~

New Girl is the new comedy from FOX and if you want to laugh you must see it. It is about this girl who moves in  with these three dudes, one of them is always taking his shirt of the other one still hasnt gotten over his girlfriend dumping him and the last one has anger problems (but in a funny way) so go check it out, I assure you it will make you laugh.

The Secret Circle~
This show is fantastic the special effects are amzing the plot if wonderful and I am such a Cassie/Adam shipper now. So go and check it out.

Harrys Law~
Now THATS how you start a season! It was amazing if you have never seen this show you need to see it! It is fantastic! Go.See.It.NOW!

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