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What I did on my B-day!

So my b-day was on the 23 and I had a fantastic time on my b-day because I spend the day with my sister, who I dont get to see a lot because shes at college.

So I started my day with my mom waking me up (yes she woke me up. but in my family thats tradition, were weird like that ;)) and giving me my b-day present and some money for me to spend with my sister (my present was money too) then I went to my grandmas house and she gave me my present. Then I went to BK with my mom via drive-trough and we ate while watching Phantom of the Opera, after that I took a shower and my sister picked me up.

She and I went to the Taco Maker besides the movie theater and ate a snack (their hashbrowns with cheese are sooo good!) and then we went to see The Lion King on 3D and ate nachos and my sister bought herself a Kit Kat and I got myself some Gummy Worms lol. Then we got out of the movie theater and went to eat at my favorite restaurant Ponderosa! After we ate we headed towards Walgreens were I bought my self a Covergirl Naturals Lipstick which I have been dying to try out in the color 235 grenache its a very pretty and natural color and of course since it was my birhtday I had to buy myself a present so I bought myself an Essie nail polish in the color Sexy Divide, and I have been wanting an Essie nail polish for a long time now but since their so expensive ($8.00 a bottle) I couldnt (my mom wouldnt let me) but it was my birthday so I deserved it.

And thats pretty much what I did on my B-Day. 

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