A Christmas Story

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A Christmas to remember

"My feet are killing me." Said Hermione as she took off hear high heels.

"Do you want me to give you a foot rub?" Harry said will he took off his new watch.

"Umm, yes please." Hermione laid on the bed and put her foot in Harry's lap

"Thanks for the new watch." Said Harry thinking about the new watch Hermione had giving him as a Christmas present.

"Actually I have another present for you." She said nervously as she sat up and went to the closet were she took out a box that was pink gift wrapped. Harry took the gift a bit hesitantly wondering why Hermione was so nervous. When he took off the gift wrap he saw a white bodysuit with Miss June written in red rhinestones.

"Hermione?" said Harry with confusion in his voice.

"Harry I'm…I'm pregnant"

"Pregnant? As in I'm going to be a daddy soon?"

"That's how it usually works. Are you mad? I mean we weren't even trying-" before Hermione finished talking Harry had kissed after they broke apart they were both smiling.

"I don't know how you could think I'd be mad. Hermione all I've ever wanted was a family you have made me the happiest man alive."

"Merry Christmas Harry"

"Merry Christmas Hermione" Harry leaned down just as she leaned up and their lips met. One last thought ran trough Harry's head as he stood there kissing his wife "this is one Christmas to remember".

Revies for: Secret Circle, Revenge, New Girl, Harry's Law

Lets start with Revenge shall we:


Revenge is abc new show and it is awesome that is the only word I can use to describe it. It is about this girl who wants to get revenge for her father and it is amazing you guys have to check it out,  also you will probably be seeing some of it on your dashboards because Im now shipping Jack and Emily/Amanda.

New Girl~

New Girl is the new comedy from FOX and if you want to laugh you must see it. It is about this girl who moves in  with these three dudes, one of them is always taking his shirt of the other one still hasnt gotten over his girlfriend dumping him and the last one has anger problems (but in a funny way) so go check it out, I assure you it will make you laugh.

The Secret Circle~
This show is fantastic the special effects are amzing the plot if wonderful and I am such a Cassie/Adam shipper now. So go and check it out.

Harrys Law~
Now THATS how you start a season! It was amazing if you have never seen this show you need to see it! It is fantastic! Go.See.It.NOW!

What I did on my B-day!

So my b-day was on the 23 and I had a fantastic time on my b-day because I spend the day with my sister, who I dont get to see a lot because shes at college.

So I started my day with my mom waking me up (yes she woke me up. but in my family thats tradition, were weird like that ;)) and giving me my b-day present and some money for me to spend with my sister (my present was money too) then I went to my grandmas house and she gave me my present. Then I went to BK with my mom via drive-trough and we ate while watching Phantom of the Opera, after that I took a shower and my sister picked me up.

She and I went to the Taco Maker besides the movie theater and ate a snack (their hashbrowns with cheese are sooo good!) and then we went to see The Lion King on 3D and ate nachos and my sister bought herself a Kit Kat and I got myself some Gummy Worms lol. Then we got out of the movie theater and went to eat at my favorite restaurant Ponderosa! After we ate we headed towards Walgreens were I bought my self a Covergirl Naturals Lipstick which I have been dying to try out in the color 235 grenache its a very pretty and natural color and of course since it was my birhtday I had to buy myself a present so I bought myself an Essie nail polish in the color Sexy Divide, and I have been wanting an Essie nail polish for a long time now but since their so expensive ($8.00 a bottle) I couldnt (my mom wouldnt let me) but it was my birthday so I deserved it.

And thats pretty much what I did on my B-Day. 

Upcoming posts

Hi guys!
So Im going to 'update' my journal this week which is something I dont do a lot *shrug* and this is just what you guys can expect to see here~
A what I did on my birthday post.
Reviews for: New girl, Secret Circle, Harrys Law, Revenge.
Some of my artwork.
My Christmas H/HR one-shot.
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DH2 review

Hey guys I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 today with my mom and sis and the acting was amazing the actors did a great job.
So heres my review:
First of all I gotta admit there wasnt as much cannon as I expected THANK GOD! But well get back to tha later
when they showed their bodies....God so many emotions I just tought poor little Teddy all alone now it was just so sad :'(
FRED! FREEEED! *sob* Im sorry just cant believe hes gone and when George was crying its was just to much he was one of my favorite characters...its not fair :(
First I have to say daaaaang Neville looked good!  Our little Neville finally became a man! They gow up so fast *wipes tears* OK Im good now so Matthew Lewis did an amazing job playing Neville hes really grown as an actor, and the speech Neville gave was wonderful (I dont know if it was in the books or not but still loved it).
I think in this movie he went from being a father to a dad in some parts which was nice :)
Helena did a great job as always and as always enjoyed the Bellatrix scene except the one she died I didnt want her to :) 
This woman....I dont even know what to say about her...the scene were she was checking to see if Harry was alive and she asked him if Draco was alive it just shows that no mattwer what shes a mom and her son will come first. Also after Harry comes back to life and he and Voldemort start fighing eachother and everyone is dissapering shes walking out of there with Draco she doesnt care if Lucius follows she just want her son safe and Helen McCrory did an amazing job.
I just loved him and I have to admit I had a bit  just a bit of a Drarry moment when Harry saved Draco I tried to help it but I couldnt I just have a soft spot for Drarry. Anyway when Lucius called Draco so that he could join the death eaters he loked a bit torn as to what he should do, he had to chose between doing what was right (which was fighting for the light side) or his family and then his mom called him and he went and joined his family I loved that part it shows that even to him someone everyone expects to be evil family is an important thing. And can I just say that part where Vodemort hugs HUGS! Draco was just hilorious I was like Voldie gives hugs  O_o  lol
Oh my God! When he was dying it was just *sob* it was so sad and then his memories oh God that was just :( Alan Rickman deserves an award he truly does becouse the acting was just *claps* loved every sad second of it.
This woman is awesome! She just is when she did the spell and then she said "Ive always wanted to do that spell" with the little smile you just have to love this woman :)
The trio:
Daniel Radcliffe has truly grown so much as an actor he did an amazing job. I just loved how he showed the emotions it was amazing I love it.
She was a fighter as always she got past what Bellatrix did to her she just picked herself from the floor stood up with her head held high and fought.
I didnt like Ron that much not beacouse of Rupert cause hes a wonderful actor but just because how Ron is. There were parts were I liked then there were part where I didnt I dont know Im having kinda mixed feelings maybe Im still mad at the fact that he abandond Harry and Hermione? But he was funny in some parts like when the fire dragon went after them it was pretty funny to see him run towards Harry&Hermione.
We might have gotten only one hug but atleast we got something! Which was a lot more than I expected we would get to tell you the truth...plus I made every look between them an H/HR moment ;)
Bashing time!:
So they kissed...that was one pitiful kiss I expected something else I supoose I mean seriously Ron turns to her and they just kiss hahahahahahaha OK sorry sorry but it was so lame . But atleast now we know who had the better kiss HARMONY HARMONY! :D
Theyr kiss was just plain disgusting it just was just UGH!
Bashing over (dont worry Im still gonna talk about the epilogue)
WARNING: There might be some bashing ahead
I haaaaated the epilogue ( I knew how it was gonna end but still UGH!) but Im glad they 'fixed' how Harry and Hermione and Draco and Ginny and...well you get the point looked cause I had seen the original pictures and ...the looked baaaaad this the looked sooooo much better first time thumbs down this time thumbs up :)
You know when you leave just Harry, Hermione and the kids the epilogue aint have bad...then you add Ron and Ginny and the epilogue goes back to being awfoul..pity.
I have one last thing to say about the epilogue Why.Didnt.I.Get.To.See.Scorpios.FACE?! All I saw was the back of his head and thats just wrong I wanted to see escorpio *pouts*

So what I liked :) :
H/HR hug
Harry Potter shirtless lol
Draco Malfoy :)
Just the Malfoys in general
Neville Longbottom :)
I liked a lot of things in this movie
What I didnt like:( :
The deaths
R/HR kiss
H/G kiss

So guys this is my DH2 review also I almost forgot to mention I liked the special effects they were pretty cool especially when you watch in 3D yep I saw it in 3D bad for the cannon kisses and scenes good for the special effects. I hope you all enjoyed the movie and remember its not truly over we still have fanfiction (Thank God!) and videos plus now we have Pottermore ;)